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I can see the wireless network on my laptop or wireless device and have a good signal, why do I need a wireless modem from you?

More wireless devices, including laptops, have a wireless radio inside that is designed to access local wireless internet networks (i.e. offices, coffee shops, etc...). They are not designed to communicate with a network radio that is outside and down the street. The radios that are out on the street poles are very powerful, and have the ability to transmit through most walls of homes and buildings. What this means is that your wireless device will usually be able to "see" the signal coming from outside from our radios. The issue is the laptop card cannot communicate data back to the radios, as it is simply not strong enough. An example would be someone (Our radios) a block away yelling very loud at someone down the street (your laptop). That other person (your laptop) is able to hear what the louder person is saying, but does not have the ability to yell back at a volume that the louder person (our radios) can hear, so there is no ability for communication.

Your wireless device can hear our "loud" radios outside, and your signal meter on your wireless device will show this (i.e. multiple bars, etc...). The wireless radio in your device simply cannot (and was not designed to) be "loud" enough to communicate back. It is intended to access a wireless signal through maybe a wall or across the room. This inability to communicate will results in dropped connections and poor speeds and performance.

The Ruckus wireless modem is approximately 9 times as strong as the radio in your wireless device and has the ability to communicate back to the radios on the streets. Having the wireless modem not only insures the best connection possible, but it also makes your connection fully secure and encrypted, allows you to plug it into a home or office wireless network, and also automatically signs you in so that you do not have to enter your username and password every time you would like to access the network.

Speeds and performance can only be guaranteed with the Ruckus wireless modem that we provide. It also allows us to support your connection remotely so we are able to trouble shoot and fix any issues that may arise remotely.


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