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What security and wireless protocol standards does the USI Wireless network support?

802.11a/b/g Wireless Network.

Security is a concern in any network, wired or wireless. Over the past few years major improvements have been made in wireless security. At this point encryption and authentication protocols are available to bring wireless security to the same high level as wired networks. The Minneapolis wireless network will utilize WPA2 Enterprise Security which uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for encrypting wireless traffic and the 802.1x port-based network authentication standard for user authentication and key management. AES is a secure encryption cipher that is resistant to all currently known techniques of cryptanalysis. The United States National Institute of Standards (NIST) has selected AES to replace DES and 3DES commonly used in VPN software, banking solutions and a variety of other sensitive applications.

No client to client traffic is allowed within the wireless network. This ensures that all traffic must past through proper firewalls and routers to gain access to any resource throughout the network. Each specific use network will also be VLANed to ensure complete separation of traffic.


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