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Why is my area grayed out on your coverage maps? What are Challenge Areas?

USI Wireless has been requesting use of a variety of electrified light poles throughout the City of Minneapolis from various asset owners to facilitate the installation of radio equipment for the Citywide Wi-fi Network. The two major asset owners include Xcel Energy and the City of Minneapolis. Both entities have been proactively working with USI Wireless field teams to grant permission for USI Wireless to mount radio equipment on roughly 3000 poles in order to deploy the network. Together our teams have worked through a number of field issues and the overall installation is nearing completion. Unfortunately, in some "Challenge Areas" noted by their darker color on the Wireless Minneapolis Build Out Schedule & Coverage Map, USI Wireless has been either unable to locate adequate poles, or unable to obtain permission to use specific identified poles. We are working with Xcel Energy and the City of Minneapolis who are installing new poles to enable full wireless coverage throughout the City. We anticipate that together we will enable service delivery in the locations currently identified as Challenge Areas in the very near future. USI Wireless will continue to update the coverage maps as these issues are resolved. We appreciate your continued patience.


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